Parent or Guardian Certification

* - required

(At least one phone number is required)
  • I certify that I have the information required by the Ohio State Board of Education for the Dual Enrollment programs. I understand that I am financially responsible for full tuition, fees, and any course-related expenses under the following circumstances
    • My student fails a course
    • My student withdraws from a course
    • My student schedules classes beyond the annual funding allotment provided by College Credit Plus
    • My student is ineligible for College Credit Plus funding from the State of Ohio
  • I understand that my student may be dismissed from MVNU’s dual enrollment program if they fail to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in MVNU coursework.
  • I understand that MVNU cannot release information to me regarding my student’s academic record without prior written consent from the student via a FERPA form (distributed at all new student orientations).
  • I authorize MVNU to act on my behalf in case of a medical emergency in which time may not allow prior notification.